CLOSING DATE: 29 October 2021 LOCATION: Emmaus Suffolk - Ipswich TYPE: Part-time

18 – 24 on UC and can’t get work?      

The Royal Oak Cafe will pay you and train you.

Give us six months of learning our job and we’ll help you get the job you really want.

  • School didn’t work for you?  Rubbish exam results?  We want to hear from you.
  • Reading and writing a bit tricky?  Get someone else to help.  And then we will.
  • There are more than 70 languages spoken in Ipswich.  We want to hear yours.
  • No one gives people like you a job?  You are what we’re looking for

We’re not expecting qualifications or experience.  What we want is folk who want to work.  Not people whose mums want them to work.  Not people just applying to stay on Universal Credit.  We want those who get bored if they’re not doing something.

The Royal Oak Cafe is a start-up, run by a chef who learned his trade as a route out of homelessness.  It’s part of Emmaus Suffolk, a charity for the homeless who will be some of your customers.

You?  You’ll either be in the kitchen learning the basics like peeling spuds or running between the kitchen and the customers learning how to take orders and keep them happy.  Or both so that, after six months, you can knock on the door of any cafe, pub or restaurant and get asked in.  The ‘hospitality industry’ is desperate for staff.  And it’s a great ticket if you want to travel – ask the chef.

But you might want to stay on.  Everybody does.  Emmaus Suffolk is a family, a team, a collection of folk helping each other to get better and get on in life.  We may have to push you out of the nest.

Want to have a go?  Send an email with some stories about you, showing why you fit the family.  Work you’ve done at home.  Stuff you’ve made.  People you’ve helped.  Anything that shows us you have smarts, common sense, enthusiasm – or just plain guts.

Haven’t got an email address?  Find someone who has.  Can’t type?  Find someone who can.  Prefer texting?  Tough, we need emails if we’re going to get back to you quickly to tell you if you’ve got a chance.  Getting your ‘message’ to us is part of the test. Application deadline is Friday 29th October.

Remember you must be claiming Universal Credit to get on this programme.

The full job description can be found here

Talk to your Work Coach at Job Centre Plus about eligibility and being referred to apply for this role. Then please send your stories by email to: Amy Wragg: [email protected]

Applications not linked to a referral by the Job Centre Plus will not be considered.

We hope to interview all applications, as there are eight roles available. Interviews will be held on-site on Tuesday 2nd November for a start date in the role of Monday 8th November.

Emmaus Suffolk Kickstart programme Open Day, Wednesday 20th October, 5pm-7pm at The Royal Oak. Come along, meet the team, have a tour and see what we are all about.