Thursday 10 August 2017

Store Manager praised for going the extra mile for someone in need!

quote for solidarity

Our Superstore Manager, Claire has been praised for her excellent customer service skills and empathetic nature this week. 


An employee from Cardiff City Council contacted Emmaus South Wales in search of a cooker for a woman who had no cooking facilities for over a year. When contacted, Claire was prepared to donate a cooker that was intended for sale in the Superstore, through an act of solidarity. Claire even offered to deliver the cooker for a small charge, despite the postcode being outside the delivery zone.

 I can't praise Claire highly enough, she was so pleasant to deal with and showed a great deal of empathy.


In the end, due to a radical turn of events the woman in need of a cooker received an emergency grant, allowing her to purchase a brand new cooker and fridge freezer.

However, this story shows the Emmaus ethos 'to help those in greater need than yourself' being put in to practice. At Emmaus South Wales, we are always willing to help those in greater need and will always try to help through acts of solidarity. Well done Claire!