When Siân Nicholson became a trustee in January 2017, it was the next step in an already established working relationship that Siân has had with Emmaus Lambeth since 2014.

Siân was formerly the sole Fundraiser for Spires, a South London day centre that helps hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people all year round.

After leaving Spires in August 2016 Siân went on to work for Liberty, a Human Rights and Civil Liberties charity where she started a new role as Philanthropy Manager.

“Through my work with Spires and Emmaus Lambeth, I knew I wanted to be part of something bigger in the fight for social justice.

Liberty undertakes test cases, and works to protect the law surrounding human rights, topics which share a common theme in the work that Spires and Emmaus Lambeth do as charities within the homeless sector”

Siân also explained that by becoming a trustee of Emmaus Lambeth she hopes to bring to the Board more of an understanding of how smaller charities operate, as well as offering a hands-on approach to the work we do here.

Regarding her views on homelessness in general, Siân believes that the problems surrounding homelessness are likely to get worse before they get better, especially with cuts to mental health services, benefits, and services for victims of domestic abuse.

“That is where a lot more support and funding should be going towards, as this can serve as a prevention to people becoming homeless in the first place”.

Finally, when asked how Emmaus has made an impact in the fight to end homelessness, Siân went on to say:

“Emmaus is great, not only for housing and employment support but also socialization skills and lifestyle stability. It’s a charity that can really turn lives around”

Many thanks to Siân!

For more information about Liberty Human Rights charity please visit www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk

For more information about Spires please visit www.spires.org.uk