Why do we exist?

We exist to give a home and a sense of belonging to people who have experienced homelessness

How do we make a difference?

We create communities and opportunities to develop

What do we do?

We help people:
  • We provide a safe home and community for as long as they need it
  • We support them to achieve their aspirations
  • We help others through acts of solidarity
We work:
  • We engage people in meaningful activities through a range of social enterprises
  • We help our environment and recycle and re-purpose donations
We use our voice:
  • To promote who we are and how we make a difference
We are part of an international movement

Our ambition, by 2025:

  • Will will provide a home to 1,100 people
  • We will be 75% self funded through companion-led social enterprises
  • More than 95% of companions will describe Emmaus as a positive experience
  • We will support 100,000 people each year through acts of solidarity
  • We will have reduced our carbon footprint and we will be actively looking to improve our environmental impact

Our strategic priorities:

We will help more people by:
  • Delivering a wider range of activities to address social exclusion
  • Creating more homes
  • Developing a range of employment and move on housing options
We will work smarter by:
  • Improving our processes and making better use of technology
  • Developing and growing our social enterprises
  • Actively seeking opportunities to improve our environmental impact
We will shout louder about:
  • Who we are and how we make a difference