A Salford man has gone alcohol-free for two months to improve his health and raise funds for Emmaus Salford.

33-year-old Taran Knight from Lower Broughton has completed his Dry January & February charity challenge and so far raised more than £600. Taran took on the challenge to help us support formerly homeless people and families affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

Taran said: “The reason I set up this fundraiser is because Emmaus is a local charity and I knew the money raised would directly help people in Salford.

“Financial inequality has grown during the pandemic and there’s a lot of people out there who are struggling. I know the donations I received as part of my fundraiser will be used by Emmaus to pay for items for the people who need it most.”

Emmaus Salford supports formerly homeless people by providing them with a stable home, meaningful work and support for as long as they need it. Whilst at Emmaus, people gain skills, experience and confidence by working within our social enterprise and Lucie’s Pantry social supermarket.

Lucie’s Pantry provides food and household essentials to Salford residents struggling to make ends meet through debt, illness or low income. There are currently 200 members of the pantry who receive items on a weekly basis. In addition, we also provide emergency food parcels to vulnerable residents across the city.

Well done Taran

Rachel Richardson, Community Director at Emmaus Salford, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Taran for his fundraising efforts over the past two months. This is a great example of a fundraising idea that can be done from home during lockdown, and one that is good for your health and wellbeing.

“Our whole community send their sincere thanks to Taran and all the kind people who made a donation to his fundraising appeal.”

If you’d like to find out more and support Taran’s fundraiser, there’s still time to make a donation.

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