We’re thrilled for Graham, who has recently moved out of our community after being a companion; he is now living independently in an Oxford flat.

Graham tells his story…

“After a relationship breakdown I was facing homelessness and approached Emmaus Oxford for support. I moved in as a companion and stayed for almost two years.

Being a companion gave my day structure and there was always someone to provide advice and help when I needed it. I felt part of a supportive community of friends. Everyone has their own problems of course, but together we seemed to get through our day cheerfully.

I had one or two health problems during my two years with Emmaus, but everyone was really understanding. I was able to drive the vans and shift furniture when I was well and was always glad to contribute.

After applying to the council for housing and looking at other options, eventually South Oxfordshire District Council offered me the opportunity to view a beautiful flat in Oxford with affordable rent. I agreed to the offer and received the keys shortly afterwards.

The support team at Emmaus have been amazing, helping me to plan and budget, making sure I was aware of how to maintain the tenancy effectively and also pledging their continued support once I’d moved in.

I will still volunteer my driving for Emmaus when I can. I sometimes wonder what I would have done if it weren’t for Emmaus; I’m so glad the support was there for me when I needed it.”

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