Items donated to us are given a new lease of life when sold in our charity shops. This helps us to provide a home for as long as needed to people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

However, while our social enterprise thrives because of donations, we would like to remind the public that we cannot accept all items, for a variety of reasons including space, demand, or damage, amongst others.

Accepting items that we cannot sell ultimately results in tipping charges for our charity.

We hope the below is informative, and we thank you for your understanding.

Items we cannot accept: 

Broken, incomplete or unsafe items (e.g. toys, glassware, ornaments and china)

Safety equipment (including helmets, children car seats, and safety gates)

Heating and cooking:

  • gas appliances, either mains or gas bottles
  • paraffin stoves
  • heaters (electric or gas)
  • oil filled radiators
  • storage heaters
  • gas stoves or cookers

 Furniture and homewares:

  • upholstered furniture without a fire label with a few exceptions.
  • poor quality chipboard or melamine goods
  • homemade cushions
  • candles without correct label
  • electric blankets
  • electric showers
  • sun beds and tanning equipment
  • waste disposal units

 Sports equipment:

  • buoyancy aids, lifejackets, inflatable dinghies
  • safety helmets, riding hats, cycle helmets, crash helmets
  • climbing equipment, ropes and harnesses
  • safety equipment
  • crash helmets
  • fire-fighting equipment


  • toys – without the CE mark or are handmade
  • prams, pushchairs and buggies


  • home-recorded DVDs, video and audio tapes
  • home-recorded computer games and software
  • PCs computer hard drives, laptops and notepads

Sharp knives or weapons:

  • knives
  • swords, sword stocks, crossbows
  • guns and ammunition (including replica guns, unless obviously toys


  • chemicals or controlled substances
  • items made from endangered species, including ivory or fur.