“My passion for Northern Soul music came from Wigan Casino. It’s where I was brought up and at the time, it was all Northern Soul in the area.

“I used to go to the Casino and the best thing was going to the train station the morning after and seeing people going back all over the country. It was a good time and I have plenty of happy memories. My number one pick, Long After Tonight Is All Over, was always played at the end of the night.”

Paul, Emmaus Mossley companion

  1. Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Radcliffe
  2. The Snake – Al Wilson
  3. There’s A Ghost In My House – R. Dean Taylor
  4. Time Will Pass You By – Bobby Paris
  5. Tainted Love – Gloria Jones
  6. Out On The Floor – Dobie Gray
  7. Seven Days Too Long – Chuck Wood
  8. Time Will Pass You By – Tobi Legend
  9. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) – Frank Wilson
  10. Skiing In The Snow – Wigan’s Chosen Few