“There’s me and two other cooks and we all do two weeks in the kitchen and have different menus. I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing something and knowing that everyone is going to enjoy it.

“It’s the only job in the community where everyone finishes and has an opinion on the job done. Most of the time I get compliments and thanks which is nice to receive. To be a good cook all you need is effort.

“This Top 10 list is made up of everyone’s favourites. Some are lunches, some are evening meals. I think steak’s number one because we only get it once every blue moon and when we get it, it’s usually me who cooks it, and it goes down well – like steak should!”

Gassy, Emmaus Mossley companion and community cook

  1. Sirloin Steak
  2. Assorted Spicy Chicken
  3. Meat Loaf
  4. Any Roast Dinner
  5. Buffet Lunch
  6. Fish ‘n’ Chips
  7. Curry
  8. Egg, Chips & Beans
  9. Chicken Fricassee
  10. Cottage Pie