“Here’s my top 10 albums but to be honest, I could have given you a hundred. These just came straight off my head because I grew up with these albums. The first time I heard them, like The Beatles, the music was in my head and that was it. Music has always been my passion. I used to pick them up and start to sing exactly like them and do all the actions.

“In my mind I go right the way back until I was 5 years old. Some people’s memory starts to deteriorate but my mind is still going strong. I don’t believe in the age of what I am. I’m young inside, like my music and a good laugh, and that’s the best thing in life.”

Dave, Emmaus Mossley companion

  1. The Beatles – Please Please Me – 1963
  2. The Shadows – Out Of The Shadows – 1962
  3. Gerry And The Pacemakers – How Do You Like It? – 1963
  4. The Hollies – Stay with The Hollies – 1964
  5. Buddy Holly – That’ll Be the Day – 1958
  6. Frank Sinatra – My Way – 1969
  7. Bread – Baby I’m-a Want You – 1972
  8. Elton John – Greatest Hits – 1974
  9. Elvis Presley – That’s the Way It Is – 1970
  10. Barry Manilow – Live – 1977