I first started at Emmaus Leeds in 2010 and previous to that I spent a lot of time working in various places and homeless. My life involved staying at friends’ houses, travelling up and down the country and staying in motorway service stations with my sleeping bag – an expedition of life!

At Emmaus Leeds my main role involves working in the shop and on the Emmaus stalls at Kirkgate Market. My duties include receiving donations, serving customers and making sure that deliveries are booked in properly. One day a week I also do paperwork in the office for the markets, shop and vans. I log dockets (customer receipts) onto the computer system and making sure they’re all filed properly.

Being part of Emmaus Leeds has benefitted me a lot. It’s helped me build my confidence because I didn’t have a lot of it before I came here. It’s also helped me with my people skills and I’ve got to meet new friends as well as old friends. I’ve done a few training courses here including Ministry of Food and the Health and Hygiene course to allow me to work in the café. Emmaus is not just a place to live, it’s helped me sort my life out, big time.

The thing I like most about Emmaus is that it’s an alternative to being on the streets and for some people, being in prison. It gives you a chance to get back on your feet and sort your life out, which is what it has done for me. I don’t want to leave and I’m feeling quite settled here.

My message to Emmaus supporters is thank you and keep it up. If it wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t be here.