An Emmaus Leeds companion has completed a five-day driving course as part of his journey to secure a new job as a lorry driver.

Companion Simon is on the road to a better future after completing the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) course. Simon applied to the Emmaus UK Companion Training Fund for money towards the DCPC course which he successfully completed in January.

Simon said: “I had my own very successful business but unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control, the business had to fold. I lost my home and my livelihood, but now it’s time for me to rebuild.”

“The DCPC training gives me a huge opportunity to be able to go and seek work as part of the programme for me to move on. I now have the ability to drive a HGV and that enables me to look at job opportunities that are much greater than would be without the qualification.”

Career goals

The DCPC course is now a legal requirement for all paid drivers of larger vehicles. This professional qualification and the accompanying Driver Qualification Card will help Simon towards his goal of becoming a full-time lorry driver.

Simon is part of a community of 26 formerly homeless people supported by Emmaus Leeds. The charity provides a stable home in a communal building, where each person has their own en-suite room. Whilst at Emmaus, people are given the opportunity to help run the Emmaus social enterprise to learn new skills and regain confidence.

Donald Forrester, Chief Executive of Emmaus Leeds, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and a great start to the year for Simon. I would like to thank all of the people who shop, donate and support Emmaus Leeds, enabling us to provide valuable opportunities to help people towards a better future.”

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