Our vision is for:

A world in which everyone has a home and a sense of belonging

Our mission is:

To work together to overcome homelessness and social exclusion while using our voice to achieve social change

Our seven strategic goals:

  • Emmaus operates a range of social enterprises in order to achieve financial sustainability.
  • Emmaus is working with companions to realise their aspirations and potential.
  • Federation members are demonstrating organisational ┬ásustainability and ethical practice.
  • The Emmaus federation is demonstrating unity and is working together for mutual benefit.
  • Emmaus is well known and respected and is using its voice to address the causes and consequences of homelessness and social exclusion.
  • Emmaus in the UK is an active contributor and influencer in the international Emmaus movement.
  • Emmaus is increasing the number of companion rooms and is providing non-residential opportunities.

This means, by 2020 we will have:

  • 1000 companion places
  • 100 opportunities for non-residential companions
  • Stronger social enterprises
  • Structured support and training plans for all companions
  • Companions on all of our boards and committees
  • More companions moving into employment
  • Started campaigning for change
  • Better recognition for the fantastic work we do