Four current companions of Emmaus Hull & East Riding share their experience of homelessness and how they have progressed with support from Emmaus.



“The structure that Emmaus provides keeps me clean and keeps me busy. I’ve said many times that without Emmaus it’s likely that I wouldn’t have survived through some of the worst times in my life. I’ve been welcomed back into Emmaus Hull, and I feel safe again.”



“I came to Emmaus in 2017 after living in my nephew’s shed for a while. I settled in straight away. The Orchard is a really warm and welcoming place to be. There’s training available if you want it and I have recently been given funding to buy an electric bike, so it’s easier for me to get out to see my family on my days off. The sense of community, belonging and family is the best it’s ever been. I have everything I need and at this moment in time, this is the only place I want to be.”



“I was accepted into the Emmaus Hull community in 2021 and started volunteering straight away. Emmaus is something different, they support you to find employment and independent accommodation to get away from the benefit system. My experiences on the street have helped me hugely, so much so, that I recently accepted a full-time position with Emmaus Hull & East Riding as an Outreach Worker for the East Riding Area. I now have my own flat which they helped me to furnish and a job which I love!”



“I came to Emmaus in January 2021 after a relationship breakdown and then being evicted; at the time I was drinking heavily. With support from staff and fellow companions, I’ve made the first steps in my recovery; I’m engaged with services to help me overcome my addiction and keep me sober. I’ve made some good friends here and we all support each other along the way. Emmaus means different things to us all, some are here because of addictions, some are victims of circumstances, and some simply have nowhere else to go. I feel that Emmaus saved me at a time when I had nowhere else to turn. I still have a long way to go, but I have the support and foundation I need to build a bright and better future without alcohol.”



“After a tragic personal event, I found myself being homeless with nowhere to go. I lived in a tent in the woods for more than two years and was in a dark place mentally. I was at such a low point I was ready to end my life until a lady found me and referred me to Emmaus.  I spent two years in Norfolk and then made the move to Hull. Emmaus saved me and I love it here.”


Find out more about the Emmaus Hull & East Riding residential community and the support we offer to people who have experienced homelessness.