Tony joined Emmaus Hertfordshire as paid staff and used his experience to make small changes to the social enterprise, such as recruiting volunteers and reducing hold time on items, as well as filling all companion rooms. Within three years at Emmaus Hertfordshire Tony had opened five new shops, purchased two new working vans, and balanced the books.

Tony also started the distribution trips to Calais in 2014, delivering essential items to homeless migrants. He has since been on more than 25 trips, bringing together staff, companions, volunteers, and other Emmaus communities to provide aid to people less fortunate.

Tony recently retired, and the eight years he has dedicated to Emmaus Hertfordshire is considered a lifetime achievement to all community members. He has directly grown the community into a place that has supported more than 230 people during his time, and a stable and growing social enterprise visiting over 7,000 homes a year across the county. All of this would not have been possible without Tony, although he would insist that he only facilitated the staff and companions to develop the community.”