Furniture poverty is the inability to access, afford to buy, or maintain any household furniture or appliance item that is essential to achieve a socially acceptable standard of living.

If you are experiencing furniture poverty, your agency worker (e.g. social worker, resettlement officer, medical practitioner) can apply for a Household Support Pack from Emmaus Hertfordshire on your behalf to help you furnish your home.

Our furniture and appliance packs are supplied at an average cost of just 40 per cent of their shop value, and in some exceptional cases we will provide items free of charge.

How to access this support

To access this service, individuals, families and groups will need to contact their supporting authority or agency who can then apply on their behalf through our web form below.

The form requires some information about the client’s circumstances, their property, the items required and their budget. We will then select items from our stock based on their requirements and, if appropriate, will contact the client directly to arrange delivery.

Advance payment can be made by the clients themselves over the phone, or by the authority/agency via invoice.

Emergency Support Scheme

Please note that you should always apply to your local council’s Emergency Support Scheme before contacting us, as they might be able to provide you with support that is better suited to your needs. You can find your local council’s Emergency Support Scheme on the End Furniture Poverty website.

If your application to your local Emergency Support Scheme has been unsuccessful, and you’re a professional or agency worker looking to apply for a Household Support Pack for your client, please apply here.

If you have questions before applying or need help to do so, please email us at: [email protected] or call: 01727 817294

Household Support Scheme

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