A big thank you to one of our landlords who has offered huge financial help during the Covid-19 pandemic, and dramatically reduced our annual rent bill for one of our retail premises in Hertfordshire.  The landlord has offered 3 months free rent and then a further 9 months at half price, saving our charity over £20,000.

The economic impact of the current lock-down due to the coronavirus pandemic is going to be felt across the world and particularly by charities who survive almost entirely on the income generated by their social enterprises.  Emmaus Hertfordshire depends upon the money generated by selling furniture received from our generous donors.  Closure of our stores during this current pandemic will put huge financial pressure on our charity.  The reduction in the rent, on one of our retail premises, will be a great support during these unprecedented times.  It is support like this that will help charities like Emmaus be able to weather this storm.