The Hill End Project is a joint venture between Emmaus Hertfordshire and St Albans and District Foodbank which will mean both charities can increase the services they provide to the people of St Albans and across Hertfordshire.

What will the Hill End Project achieve?

The redevelopment of the Hill End site will enable Emmaus Hertfordshire and St Albans and District Foodbank to:

☑ Establish a community hub from which Emmaus can continue to provide training, support and employment opportunities for the 39 formerly homeless people living within its St Albans community. This increase in space will allow Emmaus to extend this support out to non-residents homeless/vulnerably housed individuals to help them overcome their barriers and rebuild their lives.

☑ Create a permanent warehouse for the Foodbank, delivering a vital lifeline to Foodbank, which has seen a 150% increased demand since Covid-19. The project will ensure that Foodbank remains operational, meeting the increasing need for emergency food parcels.

☑ Provide new workshop and training spaces that will enable 15 community-based organisations to deliver increased learning and employability programmes for marginalised groups including victims of domestic abuse, former offenders and substance misuse.

If you have any questions about the project or would like more information about it, please email Commu[email protected] or [email protected]

Donate Now

To make the Hill End Project a reality we need your support! We have already raised a large amount of this money to complete this project, but donations from our supporters, no matter how large or small, will be a key part of the fundraising effort.

Please support the Hill End Project by making a donation. Whether it’s £5 or £500, every penny will go towards supporting disadvantaged people here in Hertfordshire.

Your donation will be processed by Emmaus UK on behalf of Emmaus Hertfordshire and St Albans & District Food Bank, with all donations going directly to support the Hill End Project.

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More than just a building project

More than just a building project

Our project is not focussed on a building development, but will instead be a tool to improve social outcomes for a broad range of individuals and communities.

1. Supporting people in crisis: The Foodbank has distributed over 10,000 3-day emergency food parcels in the past 12 months to people in crisis (half of them children).
2. Improve Employability: New training spaces will support 39 Emmaus Hertfordshire companions and 120 non-residents to overcome barriers associated with employability.
3. Sustainability: Additional workshop/office spaces will broaden Emmaus’ offer for residents.
4. Partnership Working: The project will enhance the partnership between Foodbank and Emmaus. Providing volunteer support for the Foodbank’s operations.
5. Community Support: Additional low-cost office space available for 15+ local organisations embedding our community partnership

View Our Plans

View Our Plans

We’ve been working with architect David Barker and Chartered Engineer Austin Trueman to create a design for the redevelopment of the Hill End site that not only achieves all the objectives of the project but is also in keeping with the existing buildings and sounding area.

Take a look at some of our plans here:

Existing site plan
Proposed site plan

Existing ground floor
Proposed ground floor

Existing North West elevation
Proposed North West elevation

Proposed South East and South West elevation