Documentary film ‘I’m Still Here’, featuring our companion Chris, was screened at London’s recent Raindance Film Festival and has been nominated for a festival award.

The film documenting the plight of homeless people abandoned on the streets of London during the first Covid lockdown, including Chris and his friends, has been nominated for the festival’s ‘Spirit of Raindance Award’.

‘I’m Still Here’ was shown at the festival last Tuesday (June 25) which was held in the heart of London’s West End from 19-28 June. It is the largest independent film festival in the UK and celebrated its 32nd year in 2024.

The festival is officially recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences USA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the British Independent Film Awards.

This film gives Chris, affectionately called ‘Pops’ in the movie, and his contemporaries a powerful voice during this disturbing time and highlights the efforts of homelessness charity, Under One Sky, who defied the virus and stepped out to support these vulnerable people.

Written by Franc Vissers and co-produced by Under One Sky founder, Mikkel Juel Iversen, along with Kitty Teague. the film demonstrated how the actions of an emerging community organization, Under One Sky, showed the power of human connection.

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