Our friends at the Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild have donated brand new bedding and winter supplies to help our companions through the colder months.

Linda Thompson, CEO of the Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild, said: “Emmaus Hastings & Rother was introduced to the Guild in 2016, and we are happy to have been working closely with them ever since. This October, they received bed sheets, pillowcases, bath and hand towels, as well as men’s joggers, socks and gloves. They have also been very generous, offering to collect donations for other smaller charities that we support in the Hastings area.

In addition to Emmaus Hastings & Rother, we were so relieved to be able to help 45 other charities with more than 47,000 items of brand new clothing and bedding, which will sadly be needed more than ever due to the current pandemic.”

The Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild was established in 1882 to donate brand new items of clothing and bedding to those in need – not only to provide warmth and dignity to those who received them, but to also offer courage, comfort and hope for brighter days.

If you’d like to follow in the Guild’s footsteps and offer your support to Emmaus Hastings & Rother this winter, here’s how you can help.