Over the past year or so, we have made a lot of effort to transform our community site into a cosier and more welcoming home for the 23 formerly homeless people we support – known as companions.

Thanks to generous grants from friends such as construction charity, CRASH, we have been able to refurbish our accommodation block, kitchen and shop with new double glazed windows, LED lighting, heating, paintwork, tiling and carpeting. Take a look below to see how our community spaces are coming along…

We’re also working on revamping the exteriors, with brand new signage and a fresh lick of paint on the outside of our Secondhand Superstore. Step inside the shop today and things will look a whole lot different than it did a few years ago, thanks to the hard work of our companions and Deputy Community Leader, Sallie.

Sallie says: “I’ve managed to unleash my creative side and have taken on a few upcycling projects, mainly crafting display items for the shop. During lockdown, I transformed a sad old dresser and chest of drawers, and added some quirky new touches to our clothing department.

“We recently named our clothing section, ‘Get Dressed at Emmaus’, to highlight that pre-loved clothing is an excellent choice these days. It’s sustainable and affordable, and you get to buy items that are completely unique.”

As always, there’s a lot more work to be done, so if you’d like to offer your support, here’s how you can help.

Transforming our community...