Emmaus Hampshire’s mission to support people who experience homelessness is delivered within a sustainable environmental model.

Reuse and recycling, along with repair and upcycling, is the focus of our social enterprise activities. We collect and receive donated furniture and household items which are processed and resold within our Emmaus Hampshire charity stores. This activity generates an income to support people at our residential community whilst delivering positive environmental impact.

The founders of our charity also had the foresight to build a community building with many green credentials. Over subsequent years, we have further reduced our negative impact with solar panels and excellent insulation fitted across our buildings.

The recent economic crisis has further highlighted the urgent need to be more efficient with both the items we use and energy we consume. With your ongoing support and through our reuse, repair, upcycling and recycling activities, we are keen to deliver even more environmental benefits.

Donate goods today
Make a difference

Donate goods today

Donate goods to give your support to Emmaus Hampshire whilst reducing your negative impact on the environment. You can drop off items at our charity stores or request a free furniture collection to support people on their journey away from homelessness.

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Second-hand Carbon Calculator
Measuring our impact

Second-hand Carbon Calculator

An Emmaus Hampshire companion has developed an award-winning Carbon Calculator to allow us to easily measure the impact of our social enterprise activities. This tool has already demonstrated that items donated to and sold by Emmaus Hampshire prevented and saved more than 350,000kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in less than a year.

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