For the last 20 years, on and off, I have spent my time rough sleeping. This was mostly due to abusing alcohol and illegal substances like drugs. But I found a detox programme, and now I have found Emmaus.

I first heard about Emmaus online. At the time, I didn’t reach out because I wasn’t sure how to and alcohol had always come first with me. I tended to think I would always do it tomorrow, but I just wasn’t ready.

I started a detox programme as a day patient with an organisation called Turning Point. I spent 18 months there and I found it extremely helpful. There were one-to-one and group sessions, and I can proudly say I have been sober ever since.

When I left the detox programme, my Outreach Worker referred me to Emmaus Greenwich. I love it here. To me, it’s just like one big happy family.

Emmaus has given me a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. Every day I volunteer and I look forward to it. It makes a huge change to living on the streets and having nothing to wake up for.

I work on the vans, helping with deliveries, pick-ups and house clearances. When the Logistics Manager isn’t here once a week I cover his work, booking jobs, talking to people and arranging appointments.

For the first time I feel I have self-esteem and self-confidence. Before Emmaus I was misleading myself, hiding my lack of confidence behind alcohol.

I’m not thinking too much about the future right now, because every day I enjoy what I’m doing and that’s all that really matters.