The first Emmaus opened in 1992 and there are now 29 communities, which is what we call our residential sites, spread across the UK. There are also five Emmaus groups currently working to open new communities.

Emmaus supports more than 800 formerly homeless people, by providing them with support, a home for as long as they need it and meaningful work in our social enterprises. There are plans to increase this to 1,000 places by 2020.




Emmaus Greenwich is <i>more</i> than just a bed for the night

Emmaus Greenwich is more than just a bed for the night

We offer people who have experienced homelessness with a place to call home for as long as they need it and meaningful work in our social enterprise. Living in a stable environment with the opportunity to gain new skills helps our companions to regain any lost self-esteem and confidence so they can get back on their feet.

Life in our Community
Our History

Our History

Emmaus Greenwich is based in Plumstead and was opened in 1994 by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre.

Currently the community offers a home to 35 companions, who work both in the main superstore on the community site in Plumstead and in our two other shops in Lewisham and Poplar.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

Research shows that for every £1 invested in a community, there is an £11 social, environmental and economic return, with savings to the benefits bill, health services and a reduction in crime.

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