I’m Jonathon and I’m a volunteer at Emmaus Gloucestershire. I’ve been here since 2019 in the Nailsworth shop.

Before I started volunteering, I was always in the Nailsworth shop as a customer until one day the former shop manager asked if I wanted a volunteer role. I thought about it and a few months later I said yes, and the rest is history!

I help in the toys section with another volunteer called Beth but have recently started to do a lot more like sorting CDs, DVDs and other donations. I also do a lot of till work now, which I had never done before but really like doing. And of course, I help other people out when they need it!

The thing I enjoy most about volunteering at Emmaus Gloucestershire is doing my bit to support people who have been homeless. I’m also a people person, and love meeting people and making friends through my volunteering. Everyone here is lovely and are all great people to work with.

If someone was thinking about volunteering at Emmaus Gloucestershire, I’d say definitely do it! I love it, it’s great and very rewarding. To any customers or donors reading this, please keep on coming in and buying and donating!