I have been involved with Emmaus Gloucestershire for nearly 18 years now. I came to Emmaus as a work experience student from the local college and when I finished my four-year course I chose to stay on as a volunteer – I love it!

I used to volunteer two days every week, but I have now increased that to four days. I’m always in the Nailsworth shops, but I have helped in the Stroud shop when it first opened too. I enjoy doing a bit of everything in the shops and over the past 17 years, I have learnt a lot of new skills like till work and customer service.

My favourite thing about volunteering at Emmaus Gloucestershire is the people. It’s nice working as part of a team with all different people and I think Emmaus is really important. People who need Emmaus receive a home, work, training and support and it’s there for anyone regardless of their background or situation.

The Nailsworth shops have a lot of support from the local community. Customers come in time and time again and I’ve developed a relationship with them as well as the companions, staff members and other volunteers.

To anyone thinking about volunteering at Emmaus Gloucestershire, I’d say come on down! If you’ve got the time and want to learn something new, meet people, and be part of a friendly team, Emmaus Gloucestershire is the place for you!