Did you catch one of our companions, Kris, on BBC Gloucestershire on Monday 6 December 2021? You can listen back from 1.22 by clicking this link.

Kris joined Anna King to share his story of homelessness. Kris had a good job as a self-employed van driver travelling all over the UK and Europe, a good income, and was enjoying life to the max.

When the pandemic hit, his life was turned upside down. His income was severely impacted and in an attempt to save his business, Kris gave up his flat and lived in his van with his belongings in the back. He washed in service stations and slept in lay-bys and did this from January to May 2021.

At his lowest point, Kris came to Emmaus Gloucestershire and said it was a huge relief and now, only a few months since joining us, Kris has a new job that he’s been in for a few weeks. He will be getting his first paycheck this weekend!

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