With our retail shops once again closed due to the national lockdown, we have spent time increasing our online sales through eBay.

The majority of our income is generated through collecting and selling donated items in our five shops in Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham and Nailsworth. However, with retail restrictions, we have had to explore new ways to sell items. Our eBay store was always part of our social enterprise model but we have now worked extremely hard to increase the amount and frequency we are listing items.

Our eBay team is also constantly striving to provide excellent customer service and currently hold a positive feedback rating of 99.4%, from 1148 customers, in the last 12 months.

We offer a home and work for people who have experienced homelessness, providing the support and stability they need to move on. Just like when you make a purchase in one of our shops, 100% of all profits from our eBay store goes directly back to our charity, helping people to rebuild their lives.

With over 1,000 items available, please support our community by purchasing items at here.