Emmaus Gloucestershire has received £10,000 from Gloucestershire Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

The grant will be used to cover the cost of the Emmaus support team for one month to ensure ongoing professional support is maintained for the formerly homeless people in its community, despite an 80% reduction in income due to temporary shop closures.

The Gloucestershire Community Foundation grant programme is offering local charitable and community organisations emergency funding to support emerging challenges faced as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus.

Joe Feeley, Chief Executive at Emmaus Gloucestershire, said:

“Every person and household has been affected by the coronavirus lockdown and Emmaus Gloucestershire is no different. Despite our shops being closed, we’re doing all we can to keep our residents safe, supported and active.

“At Emmaus, we provide more than just a bed for the night but offer a home for as long as needed, the opportunity to gain work experience in our shops, and tailored support to help people rebuild their lives following homelessness. Many of our residents have come to us with varying degrees of mental health issues, drug and alcohol addictions, and lost self-esteem and dignity as a result of homelessness or social exclusion.

“We have capacity for 34 people and our aim is to help build them back up and offer support in all areas of their lives. The grant from the Gloucestershire Community Foundation will help to ensure that our staff team continues providing vital professional support for our residents, which is needed now more than ever in these unprecedented times.”

Emmaus Gloucestershire provides a home, work and individual support to people who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion. The temporary closure of the five Emmaus shops in Gloucestershire due to the coronavirus situation means that the charity is facing a shortfall and the longer the closure continues, the more difficult the situation becomes.

Talitha Nelson, CEO at Gloucestershire Community Foundation, said:

“Gloucestershire Community Foundation is delighted to support Emmaus through our Gloucestershire Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund.  Emmaus works to support some very vulnerable people in Gloucester, helping to rebuild their lives following homelessness. Much of their usual work has had to stop as a result of coronavirus but the determination of the Emmaus team to continue caring for their residents, keeping them safe and active during this challenging time is truly admirable.”

Gloucestershire Community Foundation connects people with communities, deploying its knowledge of the local charitable landscape, and the social sector, to allocate grants where they will achieve maximum impact. The Foundation works with charities, social enterprises and community interest companies across Gloucestershire to improve people’s lives.

To find out more about the Gloucestershire Coronavirus Emergency Fund and how to apply visit here.

To support Emmaus Gloucestershire, please visit www.emmaus.org.uk/gloucestershire/covid-donations/