Emmaus Glasgow has stepped up its efforts to support families in need during the summer holidays. In an act of solidarity, the charity has distributed food parcels to pupils at Chirnsyde Primary School, ensuring that children do not go hungry while school is out. 

Solidarity is central to the Emmaus ethos and everyone involved in the charity is encouraged to carry out acts of solidarity to support people in greater need. 

Kirstie, one of the people supported at Emmaus Glasgow, said: “I took part because I like to get involved in things that help others. Knowing the food was going to families who needed it was a good feeling. We had about 200 people there which was an amazing turn out.”  

Each pupil at Chirnsyde Primary received two large bags of food, sourced and supplied by Emmaus Glasgow. The primary school’s summer holidays commenced last week, a period during which many families struggle to provide meals for their children due to financial hardship.  

The Emmaus solidarity initiative aims to alleviate some of the pressure on these families and ensure that children have access to nutritious food during the break. The food parcels were assembled with contributions from local shops, bakeries, and wholesalers.  

Richard Allwood, Chief Executive of Emmaus Glasgow, commented: “At Emmaus Glasgow, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting each other, especially during tough times. By providing these food parcels, we hope to ease the burden on families and ensure that no child goes hungry during the summer holidays. We are immensely grateful to the local businesses that have supported our cause and helped us make a positive impact in the lives of these children.” 

Emmaus Glasgow has a history of conducting similar initiatives during both the summer and Christmas holidays, periods that often see an increased demand for assistance as families face additional financial pressures.  

For more information on the work we do visit www.emmaus.org.uk/glasgow