A <i>home </i>for as long as it is needed

A home for as long as it is needed

Everyone living at Emmaus Glasgow has their own bedroom, all meals provided in a communal dining room and normal living expenses covered. There is no time limit for their stay with us, and this stability helps people to rebuild their lives following homelessness.
To move into Emmaus Glasgow, people are asked to sign off all benefits except for Housing Benefit. This is claimed by Emmaus to support the community.
Most people stay at Emmaus Glasgow for a few months but some leave sooner and others stay for years – we really are a home for as long as someone needs it.
A <i>reason </i>to get out of bed in the morning 

A reason to get out of bed in the morning 

We know that it takes more than a roof over someone’s head to help them overcome homelessness. That’s why, unlike hostels, we ask companions to volunteer up to 40 hours per week in our social enterprises.

Volunteering includes work in our second-hand shops, cooking for other companions, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, van driving, collections and deliveries.

When surveyed, companions said routine, opportunity to work and being part of a team were the most beneficial parts of their time at Emmaus.

A chance to <i>learn </i>new skills

A chance to learn new skills

Companions undertake training such as health and safety, manual handling, first aid and food hygiene.
Some people choose to train in PAT testing electrical items donated to the shops or restoring donated furniture in the workshop.
They can also apply for the Emmaus UK Companion Training Fund to help cover the costs of personal development courses such as driving lessons, guitar lessons and vocational training.
An offer of ongoing <i>support</i>

An offer of ongoing support

Companions are offered weekly support sessions to help them talk about their homelessness and look at solutions for their future.
Once companions feel they are ready to move on from Emmaus, we offer support to help find a job and a place to live. When they have left the community we continue to provide ongoing support.