Emmaus Glasgow General Manager Richard Allwood recently spoke with Glasgow Live to offer some insight into the work that Emmaus does in and around Glasgow.

“We are doing something a wee bit different from anyone else in Glasgow by asking people to give up their benefits beforehand. Anyone who agrees and comes aboard is offered accommodation, three meals a day, clothing, travel costs and they are paid a volunteer allowance every week of £37 with an extra £5 going into a saver account weekly for when they are ready to leave the community.

“Some folk will stay for years and then there are others who only need a short few months stay and move on but that is okay too. We do encourage shorter stays, but it just depends on what people need and we do not try and limit them to six months or whatever as other traditional models stipulate.

“A lot of homeless people experience isolation and become disengaged but what we do is give them purpose – they must get up every day, interact and get work experience. If someone comes here and works for six months on the van or the shop then they are leaving with good experience and a reference from us, and when we can we offer education and training.”

You can read the article in full here.