“Captain Tom 100” invites people to take on a challenge based around the number 100 and raise funds for Emmaus UK.

Following the outpouring of heartfelt messages since the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore on 2 February, his family pledged to celebrate his life with an event that everyone in the UK and around the world, could be involved in. That event is the “Captain Tom 100”, and Emmaus UK is proud to be inviting our supporters to take part.

Captain Tom 100 offers Emmaus UK supporters, of all ages and abilities, the opportunity to raise crucial funds for our charity.  This also celebrates Captain Tom’s generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought to millions, and his sense of fun.

How it works

It’s simple. It can take place anywhere and anytime over the weekend of Friday 30 April to Monday 3 May.

  1. Set yourself a challenge based around the number 100 – scoring 100 goals, running 100 meters, baking 100 cupcakes, climbing 100 stairs etc. Download 100 ideas to get started.                                Please be mindful of any social distancing / government guidelines that might be in place.
  2. Use either JustGiving or Virgin Money to create your fundraising page to fundraise for Emmaus UK. (Click on these links to take you to the Emmaus UK Campaign pages).
  3. Share your page to with family / friends / colleagues to sponsor you. Encourage them to take part too!
  4. Most importantly – Have fun! See how creative you can be!

Start fundraising for Emmaus UK now 🙂

Find out more at CaptainTom100.com or if you have any further queries, please email                   fundraising@emmaus.org.uk


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