Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire companion Matt will next month set off on a trip to Emmaus Togo.

When Matt’s relationship ended, he lost his home and was sofa-surfing with friends until Emmaus gave him a room, meaningful work and support. He’s now decided to help others less fortunate, with a trip to Togo.

During his stay, Matt will be supporting two volunteer-led Emmaus projects: building a local school and working on a community vegetable field.

Speaking about the trip, Matt said: “I’m quite nervous about going but I’m also looking forward to meeting people from Emmaus in Togo and being their guest. I’ll be working on two important projects so it will be an interesting experience. I’ve had all the vaccinations and I’m ready to get going. I plan to take lots of photos so I can share my experience when I get home.”

Matt’s travels are funded by the Emmaus UK Companion Training Fund. The fund offers grants to companions in UK communities for things which will help to progress personal development. This includes courses and qualifications, training, sporting activities and hobbies.