I joined the Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire staff team in June 2021 and I’m really enjoying it.

My role is Development Support Worker – I provide specific support to each ‘companion’ (previously homeless person being supported by the charity), to enable them to progress positively.

I’ve always worked in roles involving helping vulnerable people. I was with the probation service working with offenders and victims of crime and I’ve also been a child counsellor and a mental health advocate.

I’d describe myself as a people-person and I think that’s why my new job suits me. I get to do something different every day, and I’m certainly never bored!

I help individual companions set personal goals and then together we create action plans to achieve them, whether that’s improving mental health or getting a job.

The best moments so far have come when I’ve been able to assist a companion in some small way to improve their life. Sometimes it is the small things that matter and that’s what it’s all about: making a difference to the lives of our companions every day.