We’d like a to say a huge thank you to Class 1DW from Coten End Primary School in Warwick for their amazing fundraising.

The year one class voted and chose to help the homeless, and so kindly came up with their own marathon challenge, trying to cover as many marathon distances between them as they could over the course of a week, by walking, running, skipping and cycling.

It’s so exciting that their efforts raised £420 for Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire. In fact, between the 23 of them the pupils covered 624km (14.8 marathons) over the course of the week. They had their best day on the last day, covering 155km.

The money will be spent on food and essential items, as well as resources to help our companions pursue their interests and hobbies. When people come to live at Emmaus they sometimes have not had a home for a long time so we provide them with things like clothes, books, toiletries and we also encourage them to follow a hobby or sport. At the moment, one of our companions is building model lorries, another is busy learning to play guitar and another is composing his own music on a computer.

Thanks once again to Class 1DW – your efforts really mean so much to us here at Emmaus.

If you’d like to support the school children’s efforts, here is their Justgiving page.