At Emmaus nothing goes to waste. An old washing machine drum has been transformed into a fire pit with the addition of some decorative chair legs.   

Darren Scott, business manager at Emmaus Colchester, said: “The idea is inspired by an upcycling project we spotted online, so we thought we’d give it a go.   

“With our shops closed, we’ve also been able to spend more time in our workshop on upcycling projects and utilising parts that would normally go to waste, or be sold for scrap.  

“We often receive washing machines as donations, which need to pass an electrical safety test before we can put them up for sale. Those that don’t pass have to go to scrap, so instead of the whole machine being wasted, we’ve used the internal drum within our latest upcycling project.”  

The firepit has been a joint effort between staff and companions, who have all had a part to play. From removing the drum from the machine, to making a frame with metal legs from a chair base, and then stripping back the legs to the cast metal.   

The quirky fire pits are selling for £60 each, with the money raised going to help the Colchester community and support those who have formerly experienced homelessness.  

Pictured top: Adam is one of the companions involved in Emmaus Colchester’s latest upcycling project.

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