Whether you require a full house clearance or a cherry pick service, Emmaus Colchester can help recycle your goods or dispose of your non-recyclable items. Here, one of our customers, Andrew, explains how he found the service. 

I’d sold my mother’s house as she was moving into a residential home. She’d lived there all her married life and the house held lots of memories for us as a family. I was looking for a company to undertake a house clearance on her behalf, but was keen for her items to be reused and at the same time support a charity. 

“I’ve always been a supporter of Emmaus and have previously donated items, so I was already aware that they offered a house clearance service. I gave them a ring to find put more and arranged to meet Rob, one of the house clearance team, at my mum’s house, to look over what needed to be done.

Unfortunately, I arrived late, but Rob was completely fine about it. He took me through the process of what was involved and at the same time had a look around and discussed what furniture and other household items could be sold in the shops, and what would have to be disposed of.  

“Within a few days I heard back from Emmaus with a cost of the house clearance and that it would take one day to complete. I was really happy with the price and booked the house clearance in for a convenient day. All I then had to do was pay the fee 24 hours before the house clearance, which I did by phone. 

“On the day Rob arrived in the Emmaus van with Jacko, one of the companions. They were both very courteous and appreciated the significance of clearing out a family home. Although my mum had moved into a care home, and not passed away, there were still significant family memories while sorting out her possessions and special mementoes. It can be a difficult time. 

 “Rob and Jacko got to work really quickly and cleared the upstairs first. I was impressed with how fast they worked and what they managed to get done within the time. They certainly appreciated a few mugs of tea to keep them going! 

When everything was safely loaded in the van, Rob vacuumed the whole house. I was quite happy to do this, but he insisted and said it was all part of the service. 

“The best thing about the whole process was popping into the Emmaus shops a few days afterwards and seeing some of mum’s furniture on display. And some of it had already sold! 

“As a tax payer I made sure that I gift aided all the items that Emmaus were able to sell. It’s good to know that something like a wardrobe that was sold for £100, will enable the charity to claim another £25 in gift aid. 

“I’d certainly recommend Emmaus’s house clearance service, whether you want a whole house cleared, a garage, or their cherry pick service, where they select certain items. Everything was easy to sort out and I feel pleased that my mum’s preloved items can now be enjoyed by others, while Emmaus Colchester benefits too.”

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