My name is Florence Baines, I am 23 years old and Emmaus Colchester’s new Admin Assistant. I’m Colchester-born and bred, and before starting at Emmaus I worked for the University of Essex’s Student Union in their lettings department. Helping students find appropriate accommodation was something I found really interesting.

I had been aware of Emmaus before applying, as I loved popping into their charity shops – I could spend ages trawling through all the lovely handmade items in the shabby shack and the donations at large! I found the job on Facebook actually, it was a sponsored post, and I immediately knew I wanted it, but wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to do it so I sort of talked myself out of it. But when it popped up on my Mum’s feed, she told me I had to go for it, so here I am!

I’m surrounded by such a supportive team here at Emmaus Colchester, that I’m finding the job really fun at the moment. I’ve not been thrown in the deep end, everything has been explained in steps and I feel really looked after. I’m loving getting to know everyone, staff and companions alike, popping into the shops when people are on the rota and getting a feel for the community as well as the office. Despite doing admin, I am able to get out and about and that is one aspect of the job that I’m really happy with.

I love the fact that Emmaus provides people with the tools to really reboot their lives and instils a sense of confidence within the companions, who often arrive with low self-esteem. They are talented, capable and able to turn things around.

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