Paula Querino is one of our volunteers at Emmaus Colchester, who we’d like to say a special thank you to during Volunteers’ Week.

Paula Querino is one local barber that certainly won’t get the chop. Apart from working full-time at Wivenhoe barbers, The Village Squire, she volunteers at Emmaus Colchester on her day off. She is among 22 volunteers who give up their time for the charity that support those who have formerly experienced homelessness.

Denise King, CEO at Emmaus Colchester says: “We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our volunteers during Volunteers’ Week, who like Paula, help to support our work.”

Paula has been cutting the companions hair since December when she spotted an advert on Facebook. It was an apt time to start as she was able to get the companions in ship-shape before Christmas.

Paula says: “It could be any one of us that’s affected by homelessness. When I first came to Emmaus I was overwhelmed by the response and thoroughly enjoyed it, and that’s why I’ve continued.

“Although I cut people’s hair all day, I get particular pleasure out of cutting the companions’ hair, because I’m giving something back to the community, and making them look handsome!”

One companion adds: “When you’ve had your hair done you feel 100% better about yourself and it cheers you up. Volunteers don’t have to come in and use their time, it saves us a lot of money and its appreciated by everyone.”

Before Paula joined Emmaus Colchester as a volunteer, she had limited knowledge about the charity’s work: “I’d seen all the charity shops, and my other half regularly shops in them, but until I started volunteering I wasn’t aware of the full extent of how they help the companions.”

Paula’s commitment to Emmaus Colchester isn’t just through volunteering, she took part in the Colchester Half Marathon in March, where, with the support of her customers at her Wivenhoe barbers, she raised £250 for the charity.

Volunteering Week runs from 1-7 June and is a perfect time if you’re thinking about volunteering to sign up to help your local community. Find out more about volunteering at Emmaus Colchester.

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