Emmaus Colchester celebrates International Volunteer Day on December 5, by speaking to Alan Murrells, one of our dedicated team of 20 volunteers who contribute to our community. 

Alan has been volunteering at Emmaus since 2014 and lends a hand behind the scenes with IT support. “I was originally a supplier and had a recruitment business where I helped to supply staff, volunteers and trustees to Emmaus Colchester. During this time, I found out a lot about what Emmaus does in the community, so when I was looking to do some voluntary work, I decided it was a good charity for me to support. 

“I like how Emmaus takes people who are homeless and gives them a chance to get back on their feet and build a CV, while giving them the opportunity to be part of a community. It’s good to see the companions moving on, succeeding and developing positively.” 

It’s not the first time that Alan has volunteered, “I used to be an adult literacy volunteer, and I’ve donated blood over 400 times, he adds. 

“I feel that my contribution is appreciated and I get a real buzz out of doing anything useful, in fact, I feel like part of the furniture.”

Darren Scott, Business Manager at Emmaus Colchester, works closely with the team of volunteers, he says, When you volunteer, you not only help to improve the lives of others, you also gain a greater sense of belonging to a community.

“Our companions form a strong part of our team at Emmaus, but we also rely on extra support from volunteers, who help us with many different aspects of our business. While Alan helps with back office support, we have other volunteers who sort through donations, organise our books, or go out on collections and deliveries. 

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people at the same time as helping your local community and supporting the Emmaus ethos. At Emmaus Colchester our volunteers work alongside our companions and staff, sharing activities and responsibilities and helping to build our social enterprise together.  

“I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all our volunteers, who give us their time to help and support us. Their dedication and enthusiasm is what makes Emmaus Colchester thrive and will see us succeed now and into the future,” said Denise King, ceo at Emmaus Colchester. 

Would you like to volunteer at Emmaus Colchester? Find out more: https://emmaus.org.uk/colchester/support-us/volunteer-with-us/ 

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