Your donation will help us to continue providing a home and meaningful work for up to 44 people in our Landbeach community.

We offer people an alternative route out of homelessness and the combination of a stable home and the opportunity to learn new skills gives people the time they need to address any issues as well as regain their confidence, self-esteem and dignity so they can rebuild their lives. Your donation will make a direct impact on their lives.

To find out more about the impact of Emmaus and how your donation will help, please visit Our Stories page.

Here you will find stories from the likes of Tom, who became street homeless later in life following a relationship breakdown and job loss, Mark, who was homeless for 15 years before coming to Emmaus, and Seamus, who had spent his life battling alcoholism on his own before Emmaus.

With the support of Emmaus Cambridge, Tom is now taking his taxi driver exams and hopes to live independently next year, Mark is an employee at Emmaus Cambridge in the business team, and Seamus is a published author of No Homeless Problem highlighting the realities of life on the street.

Your donation will help people like Tom, Mark and Seamus to rebuild their lives. Thank you!

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