The build will provide us with the perfect opportunity to support yet more vulnerable adults, who come to Emmaus homeless, and often lacking in confidence.

While building work began on Thursday January 4 2018, the launch marks the transformation of our foyer into a central information and fundraising point for the project. We’re hoping to raise the remaining £150,000 by asking for donations. Visitors are invited to become part of our community by purchasing and signing brick for £5 which will form part of a feature at the community, or by making any other donation that they would like to. We will give people the opportunity to read first-hand how Emmaus Cambridge has changed the lives of its companions, and monitor the progress via a fundraising thermometer and pictures of the works-in-progress.

Speaking of why the expansion is so important, Community Director, Diane Docherty says:

“We have been working towards expanding our community for the last couple of years, it is really important and very timely for us to have started this build now, especially in the light of the growing levels of homelessness that are being experienced across the country.”

You can follow the campaign or have your say on social media by using the hashtag #10FreshStarts.

For more information on the build, please contact [email protected]