What is your name?

Alex Wilson.

How long have you been associated with Emmaus Cambridge?

9 Months.

Share a memory you have of your time at Emmaus Cambridge.

Being able to get my cat.

What is your favourite section of the shop/Community?

I love working on the mezzanine.

What does solidarity mean to you?

Unity, supporting ourselves and others. Going that extra mile.

Name one celebrity you would like to sit down and have dinner with?

Winston Churchill.

What does a typical day at Emmaus Cambridge involve for you?

My days are always different, cooking, driving our vans, working on the mezzanine.

What food can you not resist?

Chicken, especially roast, Prawns, and a good steak.

What is the strangest item in the shop that you have come across?

A very strange painting.

What do you feel most grateful for?

Having somewhere I can call home along with everything that entails. Also having a future.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do in your life, if you’ve done it how did it make you feel and if not then why not?

Travel around the world.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

Visiting China, also travelling to Africa to help out in an orphanage.

What do you value most in a friendship?


How do you feel about your friendship with fellow staff/ trustees at Emmaus Cambridge?

I have a good relationship with staff and trustees.

What’s your favourite hobby?


What’s your favourite animal?


After lockdown what do you hope to have learnt about yourself that maybe you were not aware of before?

When put into a difficult situation it causes me to unlock areas of interest that I’ve put on the back burner previously, but now find myself doing and actually enjoying them.

Favourite music band?

Alice in chains, Pink Floyd, Matisyahu.

If you could choose the one place to isolate, where would it be?

Papa Stour, the Shetland islands, in all my worldly travels I have never found anywhere that comes close to the peace and quiet.

If you could choose the one person to isolate with, who would it be?

Saint Paul.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life so far?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Becoming a book publisher and moving on in my life.

What is your biggest fear?


If you could be good at something that you are not, what would it be?

I’m happy with what I’m good at.

Where is your happy place, and why?

The island of papa stour. At the back of the island is a big stone beach that you have to climb down to surround by granite walls. It’s such a magical place.

Describe what Emmaus Cambridge means to you?

Security, friendship, companionship. My home but also a stepping stone to something better in life.

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