Emmaus Burnley is a registered charity that supports people who have experienced homelessness.

We provide people with a home, companionship, stability, personal support and an opportunity to progress. The people we support, known as companions, live together in the Emmaus Burnley community and carry out a variety of roles within the charity’s social enterprise.

Our Emmaus companions actively contribute to the success of the charity by participating in the large charity shop that is our social enterprise. Emmaus Department Store sells a wide range of items and all of the money raised helps to sustain the Emmaus Burnley community.

The Emmaus model has a huge impact on restoring confidence and self-respect, as companions take responsibility for keeping their community going to support themselves and others.

Emmaus is not about giving hand-outs, it’s about providing people with the tools to help themselves. This approach has been proven to produce long-term, sustainable results. For the many people who have been stuck in a cycle of homelessness, Emmaus provides the space and support they need to take stock of their lives and make positive changes for the future.

Emmaus Burnley is part of Emmaus Preston and a member of the Emmaus UK federation. We officially opened in January 2011, becoming the UK’s twentieth Emmaus community, twenty years after the first. We are also part of a global Emmaus movement of more than 400 groups in 40 different countries.

To find out more about us, you can watch our Emmaus film, featuring people who are part of Emmaus Burnley here: