We are holding a Solidarity Sale on Saturday 19 March to support Emmaus Europe’s Ukraine Appeal.

Emmaus Europe is working with the two Emmaus groups in Ukraine, along with groups on the Polish and Romanian borders who are supporting Ukrainian refugees.

All proceeds from our shops on Saturday 19 March will be donated to the appeal and used to help those living in Ukraine and those being supported in other countries who have been displaced by the conflict.

We have three shops in Stokes Croft, Bedminster and on Gloucester Road which will be open 10:00am to 4:30pm for our Solidarity Sale. Proceeds from our online shop on this day will also be donated.

If you are unable to make it to one of our shops for our sale, but would still like to support Emmaus Europe’s Ukraine Appeal, you can donate by visiting www.emmaus.org.uk/ukraine

Updates from Emmaus groups in Ukraine and bordering countries

Emmaus Oselya is welcoming and housing internally displaced people who are flocking to Lviv and is handing out food and clothing to people who are continuing their journeys to Poland and Romania. The 30 companions of the community have started making camouflage netting and are continuing their work to support homeless people.

Emmaus Nasha Khata is housing a family and is preparing to welcome more people fleeing the fighting in the east of the country and continuing their journeys westwards. The sixty companions of the community organise food distributions, but the reserves are starting to run low.

Emmaüs Lublin (Poland) has opened up 10 additional beds and is housing nine women and a child. The group is helping to refer refugees to reception centres.

Emmaus Rzeszow (Poland) is hosting 12 people in the community house and has helped to open a shelter for around 60 people. They are also collecting donations from the local population.

Emmaus Brat Albert (Poland) is also preparing to house refugees and is donating any goods they have that meet the needs of the shelters and displaced people.

Emmaus Iasi (Romania) is preparing to accommodate refugees in its two community houses. The community is hoping to house around 50 families. The group is also sending goods (beds, mattresses, blankets, food) to Siret on the Ukrainian border, helping to supply the shelters opened by the Romanian government.

Emmaus Satu Mare (Romania) is located on Ukraine’s western border, and is also getting ready to house refugees, particularly older children whose parents have returned to Ukraine, and provide logistics for displaced people.

You can find out more about Emmaus Europe’s work by visiting the Emmaus Europe website.