In the UK, over two million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill every year. Our new recycling centre will focus on recycling traditional materials, with an additional focus on textiles and crafts. Refashioned items will be sold on in their store, helping the Bolton area reduce the amount of waste it creates and make a difference to the local environment.

As well as the communities traditional recycling, the centre will recycle clean waste material produced by local manufacturers – some of which will be reusable for arts and crafts. Local people, schools, clubs and community groups will be able to benefit from the centre’s “Scrap Shack”, a shop selling a range of high quality, recycled haberdashery and other products.

Tony Stephenson, our Community Director, said

“This is an exciting new project. Everything we do is about recycling and putting unwanted items into reuse. The new recycling centre will not only allow us to recycle more, but will allow us to focus on textiles.


Across the world the equivalent of a bin lorry of clothing is sent to landfill or burnt every second, 365 days of the year. We hope to put more clothing into reuse, not only retailing it, but by refashioning it and turning its various elements into materials that can be reused’.

As a charity which takes in and resells old furniture, bric-a-brac and household goods, the recycling centre will extend our commitment to the environment; helping build a thriving economy and environment that benefits everyone.

The centre will also provide a range of volunteer roles and a in due course training placements for textile reuse and refashioning clothing. All of the income generated from the centre will go back into Emmaus Bolton, helping continue our mission of reducing homelessness, supporting those are experiencing homelessness and making a difference in the local community.